Working during the Covid-19 pandemic – keeping our staff and customers safe - Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020
  • In June 2020 we completed our initial Covid-19 Risk assessment in line with Government guidance. We continue to monitor the situation and are ready and prepared to react to new information as it is made available. Our Risk Assessment is subject to regular review to reflect the challenges of working safely in a rapidly changing environment. We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19


  • We have introduced a range of changes to our operations and instructed all staff on essential hygiene practices, physical distancing and other appropriate measures required to keep our operations Covid safe


  • We have increased our cleaning frequencies in all areas of our operations, from offices to production areas, warehouses and delivery vehicles
  • We have instructed all operatives on the importance of regular hand washing
  • We have provided extra sanitising stations in all areas and provided individual hand gels for work stations, office desks and delivery vehicles
  • Plentiful signage is in place to remind everyone of the importance of good hygiene and regular hand washing


  • We have implemented 2M distancing in all possible areas
  • We have taken extra precautions in the few areas where this is not always possible including extra protective equipment, side by side working and fixed teams
  • We have reduced numbers in offices, staff rooms and canteens and staggered break times
  • We have introduced daily temperature checking for employees working in our cold room production facilities


  • We have limited our site attendance to those roles that cannot possibly be done from home
  • We have introduced home working where we have identified roles that can be done from home and we have provided those staff with all the tools required to successfully work remotely
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