C. Carnevale Ltd and the Carnevale family are proud to stand up in the fight against cancer. Having lost four close family members, the Carnevale family and friends wanted to find a way to turn their tragedy into a triumph, to discover that somewhere over the rainbow (or Arcobaleno) there is a cure for cancer. To this end, they formed the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust (registered charity no 1176652). All the fundraising undertaken by the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust (ACT) is done in honour of Bruna Carnevale Abbas, Dino Carnevale, Giovanni Carnevale and Sebastiano Di Renzo. C. Carnevale Ltd is honoured to support ACT whose aim is to assist in the advancement of medical research into the causes, treatments and cures for cancers, particularly the rare forms of kidney, bladder, thyroid and lymphatic system cancers which affected their loved ones. The Carnevale family and all at C. Carnevale Ltd are absolutely certain that a cure for all cancers will be found. They know that this will happen through the dedication and talent of exceptional doctors and researchers. However, they need funding. As a small gesture, 50p from every single case of Monte Campo water sold is donated to ACT, to help others find the cure for cancer. Members of the Carnevale family had the great fortune of being treated by the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity – a world-renown cancer pioneer. In 2019 the main project ACT will support is a renal cancer study they are conducting in collaboration with RECUR – one of the biggest studies ever conducted into the development of kidney cancers. The Arcobaleno Cancer Trust is investing in a world beyond cancer. ACT acts for you, for your loved ones, for our future.