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We are all aware that cancer is an awful disease which claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year in the UK alone. The latest statistics state that over half the UK population will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.

Imagine a future beyond cancer. At The Royal Marsden they’re dedicated to making this happen. They are a world-leading cancer centre who pioneer new treatments that save lives. They use research every day to provide the very best in diagnosis, treatment and care for their patients. The revolutionary way they treat people in their hospitals has far-reaching impact, nationally and internationally. This kind of pioneering work costs money. By support The Royal Marsden you’re investing in a future beyond cancer for you and for everyone you know.

The Carnevale family, unfortunately know all too much about the Royal Marsden, as both Bruna, Giovanni and Dino Carnevale received treatment there before they sadly passed away. We can therefore, from the bottom of hearts, vouch for the amazing job they do in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

Inspired by Bruna’s spirit, it is since 2012 that the Carnevale family has organised various charity events and in particular an annual charity “race night” to raise as much money as possible for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. As an evolution to this, in 2017, twelve Carnevale family members and close friends proceeded to setup the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust. Bruna’s short life was characterised by a rich passion for philanthropy, which inspired everyone that surrounded her. Throughout her illness, she was always a shining beacon of hope which radiated brightly - just like a rainbow or “arcobaleno”, the key symbol of the Trust.



ACT’s aim is to support the advancement of medical research into the causes, treatments and cures for cancers, particularly the rare forms of kidney, bladder, thyroid and lymphatic system cancers which affected our loved ones. By means of enjoyable fundraising initiatives, ACT gives grants directly to individuals or has funded various projects that are currently progressing and championing cancer research at the Royal Marsden Hospital and other such Institutions.

Further to this, in 2016 C. Carnevale Ltd launched a new charity water project under the label “Monte Campo” whereby they donate 50 pence from every case of glass-bottled water sold directly to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, via the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust. Monte Campo is the name of the mountain that sits above Capracotta, the small village in Molise (Is) from where the Company’s founders originate.

Through the causes supported by the Arcobaleno Cancer Trust and The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital, we hope that one day curative treatments will be discovered, offering cancer patients the promise of a bright rainbow after a long storm. We are proud to support these Charities knowing that we are investing in a future beyond cancer for you, for everyone you know and for future generations.

You can see from that the total of proceeds raised to-date for cancer research from these various initiatives are well into the several hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Monte Campo bottles
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